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Written by Jayson, Thursday 12th June 2014

Jayson Gillham – Wins First Prize at Montreal

Photo: Scott Tresham CBC Music

28-year-old Australian born, and now London based pianist Jayson Gillham, has won first prize at the 2014 Montreal International Musical Competition.His performance of Beethoven’s Concerto No. 4, Op. 58 in G Major with the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal under the direction of guest conductor Giancarlo Guerrero was won in ‘a flurry of trills, runs, and knuckle-busting chords’. The Montreal Gazette reported ‘Jayson Gillham earned his win with absorbing and relentless elegance’. Guerrero, who was making his Montreal debut said during ... Read more

First Prize Montreal International Musical Competition

Written by Jayson, Thursday 5th June 2014

Dear Friends and Readers,

What a roller-coaster these last two weeks have been!  From the earth-quake Tremblements set piece to the glorious strains of Beethoven’s Fourth Concerto coming from my left from the Montreal Symphony.  It was such a joy to play with these wonderful musicians who clearly love their music and love working with young soloists.

Our conductor Giancarlo Guerrero was an absolute star – he knew these concertos so well and I’ve never felt so comfortable on stage after only a 50-minute dress rehearsal.  Guerrero is youthful and vibrant, a sensitive accompanist and many were saying that he is the best ... Read more

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