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The Joy of Piano - Sound Unbound, London

Written by Jayson, Thursday 9th May 2019

On Sunday 19th May I will be performing in London’s Sound Unbound Festival, a weekend festival of over 100 concerts and 500 performers that releases classical music from its traditional confines and presents the fresh face of classical with the aim of developing new audiences.

My programme is called The Joy of Piano and for it I have selected some very favourite works of mine that explore different facets of joy – playful, ebullient, blessed, contented and ecstatic are all adjectives that come ... Read more

REVIEW: Australian Festival of Chamber Music

Written by Jayson, Sunday 13th August 2017

Courtesy of Performing ArtsHub

by Gillian Wills


It’s not every Music Festival that can conjure up breaching whales on the boat trip to a concert on Orpheus Island.

This year’s eclectic chamber music Festival roiled with tropical theatre. Emotion ran high. Not entirely due to the well-designed programs that featured chamber giants Dvorak, Brahms, Schubert, adventurous 21st Century works and neglected gems, but, because it was award-winning Artistic Director, Piers Lane’s 11th and final Festival. Incidentally, it’s not every Music Fest that can conjure up ... Read more

Linari Classics Festival

Written by Jayson, Wednesday 20th July 2016

Tonight was truly a glorious evening. Opening recital of the Linari Classic Festival – my home in Tuscany! Thank you so much Deborah Humble for being a wonderful musician and a great colleague – plenty of laughs and good yarns! Thank you also to Joris van Rijn, an extremely fine musician and easy going sunny person. Last night was a real treat for all, it is so rewarding when you feel the audience give back so much. They really love their music here.


Rachmaninoff 4 (1926) Amici della Musica di Ancona conducted by Federico Mondelci.

Written by Christopher Robson, Friday 15th May 2015

Great success last night at Teatro delle Muse in Ancona.
600 hundred people cheering our ” boys” to the rafters at the end of our Rachmaninov Cycle with the Amici della Musica di Ancona and the FORM- Orchestra Regionale Marchegiana conducted by Federico Mondelci.

The cycle started last May with Rachmaninoff n.1 with Alex Ullman and finished last night with his Tchaikowsky n.1 ( for the 175th anniversary of the birth of Tchaikowsky ) after a remarkable performance by Jayson Gillham of the most complicated of Rachmaninoffs scores the fourth concerto in the 1926 original edition. Our cycle has taken in 2 ... Read more

Dogs increase audience numbers??

Written by Jayson, Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Six-month countdown to Two Moors Festival

This just arrived in my Inbox and brightened my morning!
Note that I will be appearing in the Festival, performing piano quintets with the wonderful Carducci Quartet.

Two Moors Festival — 16-25 October 2014
Artistic Director:  Penny Adie (pictured)

With six months to go before the festival balloon goes up on the 16th October, the Two Moors Festival is letting slip that audience figures are sometimes boosted by the presence of the odd dog or two.

There has never been lack of imagination involved in the development of this now major arts organisation, and ... Read more

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