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Dogs increase audience numbers??

Written by Jayson, Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Six-month countdown to Two Moors Festival

This just arrived in my Inbox and brightened my morning!
Note that I will be appearing in the Festival, performing piano quintets with the wonderful Carducci Quartet.

Two Moors Festival — 16-25 October 2014
Artistic Director:  Penny Adie (pictured)

With six months to go before the festival balloon goes up on the 16th October, the Two Moors Festival is letting slip that audience figures are sometimes boosted by the presence of the odd dog or two.

There has never been lack of imagination involved in the development of this now major arts organisation, and this time it would appear that dogs will be welcome to attend concerts. Not inside the church venues, mind you, but securely tied up amongst the headstones. As 99% of the programme takes place in remote areas of Dartmoor and Exmoor this notion seems like a good idea. Why? Because a growing number of concert goers like to go for a good healthy stride before listening to Mozart and Messiaen. After all, what are a few barks compared to the noise of a passing tractor?


Was that a Bark Two-part invention?

It’s not only dogs that have been seen at concerts but the occasional cat has quietly gate-crashed a recital together with bats, mice and the odd bird or two that have become trapped in the rafters.

As a result of this friendly approach to attracting more people (especially the younger generation) to hear piano trios and Lieder recitals, there has been a growing number of wellies left in porches along with a regiment of umbrellas. It’s a compliment to the Festival that folk feel relaxed enough not to worry too much about appearance. By contrast, they expect the artists to doll up in tails!

This year’s programme is shaping up well with thirty concerts in the pipeline and we don’t mind what the audience turns up in so long as they do. Wellies will soon be de rigueur! Dates are 16th – 25th October and rumour has it that the wonderful pianist, Angela Hewitt will be giving a recital.

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