Jayson Gillham
Jayson Gillham


Four-Star Review: Stuart Skelton sings Wagner (Tait Memorial Trust)

Written by Jayson, Tuesday 19th September 2017

Photo @ Hannan Images


“Australian concert pianist Jayson Gillham treated us to some virtuoso playing with the Pilgechor (Tanhnhaüser) and Liebestod(Tristan und Isolde) transcriptions by Liszt. These pieces are not for the faint hearted and Gillham rose to the occasion with a display of stunning dexterity and music brilliance. Readers lucky enough to be in London on October 21 can catch him at Conway Hall where he will be playing a concert entitled Romantic Bach. Gillham is a Tait sponsored artist and testimony to how productive this partnership can be for young musicians” – Howard Shepherdson, Limelight Magazine, 19/9/17.


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