Jayson Gillham
Jayson Gillham


Rachmaninoff 4 (1926) Amici della Musica di Ancona conducted by Federico Mondelci.

Written by Christopher Robson, Friday 15th May 2015

Great success last night at Teatro delle Muse in Ancona.
600 hundred people cheering our ” boys” to the rafters at the end of our Rachmaninov Cycle with the Amici della Musica di Ancona and the FORM- Orchestra Regionale Marchegiana conducted by Federico Mondelci.


Alex Ullman, Federico Mondelci and Jayson Gillham

The cycle started last May with Rachmaninoff n.1 with Alex Ullman and finished last night with his Tchaikowsky n.1 ( for the 175th anniversary of the birth of Tchaikowsky ) after a remarkable performance by Jayson Gillham of the most complicated of Rachmaninoffs scores the fourth concerto in the 1926 original edition. Our cycle has taken in 2 and 3 with Vitaly Pisarenko and the Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini with Marcos Madrigal.

ANCONA DAY 3 PESARO 2015 - Copy 2

What performances and what a wonderful experience for all concerned and how thankful we have to be to our two Guido’s- Barbieri and Bucci and the Amici della Musica for having faith in our remarkable array of young pianists.

It is perhaps fitting that Alex Ullman just 23 and playing op 23 of Tchaikowsky ….should end with the Liszt Paganini study the very theme that Rachmaninov had used …….his third encore( of four!) and there could have been many more but the orchestra would have lost their last buses home!

rachmaninoff flowers in Fabriano
Jayson’s remarkably assured performance – his first- as he learnt it especially for our cycle.
Perhaps the least Tchaikovskian of Rachmaninoff scores for piano and orchestra ,where the piano is integrated into the orchestra much more than in the other concertos.

The orchestra too almost matched the precision,passion and inteliigence of Jaysons interpretation, thanks to Federico’s almost fatherly concern and respect for our ” boys”.

We have noticed the remarkable warmth of the strings in particular and precision of the brass and wind over the past year as we all learnt to listen to each other and be an integral part of a remarkable series of concerts. A lesson in making music that our dear friend Federico has shared with us .

I should point out that Federico is one of the worlds most distinguished saxophonists and a very complete musician. We should not forget either the magnificent Steinways that Fabbrini in Pesaro and Valle in Ancona and Fabriano have given us.

But ,above all, the respect and astonishment of two of the finest technicians around ,Roberto Valle and Tonino Rappoccio,used to working with Perahia, Zimerman and Sokolov …………..thanks to our ” boys” from the Keyboard Trust and to our beloved founders Noretta and John for having such faith in these remarkable young artists and giving them the chance to shine all over the world.

John 90 this month…. ..MBE’s as official recognition from the Queen.The establishment of a Trust for Norettas retiring present 25 years ago. But I think the greatest satisfaction for them is the response of the public to discover their little secret and in their later years to have dedicated it to sharing it with us .

Tonight in the beautiful Theatre in Fabriano where hopefully a professional video will be a lasting and much needed document of the 1926 fourth concerto.

Christopher Axworthy

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