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Recital at Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham

Written by Christopher Robson, Friday 18th March 2016

​Pianist Jayson Gillham, Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham:

review by NottmPostEG | Posted: March 06, 2016

By William Ruff

Lots of smiles and warm applause greeted the end of Sunday morning’s recital by young Australian pianist Jayson Gillham. And it wasn’t simply a case of the audience liking his dazzling performance of a wide-ranging and demanding programme. They also liked him.

His technique may have been formidable, but his easy, friendly manner – together with his calm, unshowy keyboard style – immediately endeared him to his listeners.

Gillham began his programme with Handel’s Harmonious Blacksmith Suite, the famous final movement displaying much crisp articulation as ... Read more

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